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Holistic intervention to support a child with special educational needs return to school and engaging parents as part of the process. A family’s perspective

Family Details  Mum and Dad live with their daughter Jayne aged 12 and son John aged 14.  What happened and what support was put in place?  Jayne attends a Secondary school for pupils that caters specifically for children with learning …

Starting Well in Stockport: An integrated early years model

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council has invested in developing an integrated Start Well model which brings together services that work with families to support children’s development from pre-birth to 5 years and help them to get ready for school. Start Well …

Sheffield Council celebrating 10 years of Supporting Families

To celebrate 10 years of the Supporting Families programme, Sheffield City Council have produced an infographic, showcasing the journey of the programme in Sheffield including the successes and sustained changes that families have achieved.   Since the initiation of the …

Using algorithmic decision tools in children’s social care – the challenges and the opportunities

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Human - machine interaction a framework for understanding different approaches

Thea Snow, Senior Programme Manager for Government Innovation at Nesta, discusses the opportunities and challenges of using algorithmic decision tools in children's social care to support decision making. Thea explores how humans make decisions, the different ways these tools can be used, and suggests a checklist for supporting their introduction into the workplace.

From neighbours to partners: Leek Citizens Advice and Staffordshire Moorlands Families Intervention Project

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Woman in a meeting writing notes on a pad

In March 2015 our small Citizens Advice office moved into Moorlands House in Leek, a local authority building which houses a range of services including adult and child safeguarding, council tax recovery, benefits, housing options and the Families  Intervention Project …

Predictive Analytics

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You may have heard about predictive analytics – but what does this mean for those of us who are shaping or delivering services for vulnerable people? Let’s start with some definitions: The term ‘predictive analytics’ is used for assessing large quantities …