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Multidisciplinary Teams

Rotherham Local Authority "School Attendance Matters Pathway"

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Background Prior to the launch of the Early Help Service in 2016, there was a standalone Education Welfare Service (EWS). The EWS carried out enforcement using Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) when leave of absences was taken during term time and further …

Domestic Abuse - Adopting a whole family approach

Summary System and cultural changes can be challenging. We would like to share how the London Safe and Together partnership, with Waltham Forest as the lead borough, tackles domestic abuse by adopting the Safe and Together model. The partnership has …

Sheffield Council celebrating 10 years of Supporting Families

To celebrate 10 years of the Supporting Families programme, Sheffield City Council have produced an infographic, showcasing the journey of the programme in Sheffield including the successes and sustained changes that families have achieved.   Since the initiation of the …

Helping children choose the right path in Sandwell

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For children up and down the country, starting high school means growing up, and taking on a whole new world of friends and role models. Unfortunately, not all these influences are good ones.   Police officers in Sandwell, West Midlands, were worried that primary school leavers in their boroughs were at risk from harms linked with local gangs, including exposure to exploitation, knife crime and drugs. …

Supporting families under pressure with multidisciplinary teams

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Two men sitting at a desk being videoed for a webinar session

Ewan King, Director of Business Development and Delivery at the Social Care Institute for Excellence, explains how multidisciplinary teams are improving experiences and outcomes for individuals and families with care and support needs that cross traditional professional and organisational boundaries.